Echoes and Footprints of Pioneer Louisiana Spanish-Isleño – French Acadian Families:  Domingue-Prejean-Castille, 375 A.D. – 2006 A.D., Volumes I, II, III

An ancestral-descendant genealogical study, history and biography of the paternal and maternal families of the author (Gerald Domingue); over 2100 pages; 300 photographs; an index of names in Volume III; published by Intellective Book Publishers, Zurich.

These volumes are a culmination of over forty years of research on the direct ancestral lines and descendants of Gerald Domingue’s grandparents: Jean-Jacques Domingue – Andrea Prejean Domingue and Rousseau Prejean – Lorena Castille and associated spousal families covering a period of 56 generations. The volumes are ‘print on demand’ publications, printed for the publishers by Lulu; available at or or by contacting

Memories of a Grandson – Volume I

Echoes and Footprints of Pioneer Louisiana Spanish-Isleño – French Acadian Families: Domingue-Prejean and Prejean-Castille 375 A.D. – 2006 A.D. Volume IAncestors and Descendants of Jean-Jacques Domingue and Andrea Prejean
Copyright 2006.  Volumes I, II, III.  Gerald Domingue and Intellective Book Publishers, Zurich, SwitzerlandLibrary of Congress Call Number: CS71.D6695 2006LC Control Number 2007298436

Volumes I, II and III are interrelated, total over 2100 pages; the index is in Vol. III; therefore the volumes should be purchased as a set of three. These volumes explore the ancestral history of Domingue-Prejean-Castille, their ancient blood lines and their present day descendants; 6467 individuals; 59 generations; 1397 surnames— including Cahanin, Savoie, Begnaud, Doiron, Arceneaux, Martin,Theriot, Breaux,Broussard, Dupuis, Verret, Guidry, Mouton, Bernard, Grand, Latour, Laborde, Babineaux, Hebert, Melancon, Landry, Stelly, Robin, Sonnier, Doucet, Gilbert, Wyble, Voorhies, Vincent, Trahan, Thibodeaux, Edelmayer, Hirzel, Richard, Hernandez, Dugas, deValcourt, Conques, Boudreaux, Benoit, Nezat, Neraut, Roy, Coussan and many others.

Memories of a Grandson – Volume II

Echoes and Footprints of Pioneer Louisiana Spanish-Isleño – French Acadian Families: Domingue-Prejean-Castille 375 A.D. – 2006 A.D. Volume II. Ancestral-Descendant Lineages and Kinships of Rousseau Prejean and Lorena Castille.

Memories of a Grandson, Volume III

Echoes and Footprints of Pioneer Louisiana Spanish-Isleño – French-Acadian Families: Domingue-Prejean and Prejean-Castille 375 A.D. – 2006 A.D. Volume III. Spousal Families Associated with Domingue-Prejean-Castille and Lineages Ascending to Charles I dit Charlemagne, Holy Roman Emperor

Reviews of Volumes I, II, III
An Excellent Family Tribute… 7 Jun 2007 (updated 7 Jun 2007) by Glenn DuPont
“I believe that one of the greatest things that one can do in life is to honor those that came before us. What Prof. Domingue has done in these volumes is nothing short of extraordinary. He has meticulously gathered a wealth of information; from candid reflections on his immediate family to scholarly research on more obscure yet fascinating ancestors.

In genealogy books often-times you will find cold lists of names, dates and facts — useful information for researchers — but information that leads the reader to search elsewhere in order to get a picture of who these individuals are. What Dr. Domingue has done here is to vividly illustrate a fascinating family history. He uses detailed narrative, photographs and charts to not only record these people’s names… but to preserve their values, their beliefs, and their accomplishments for further generations to admire. His attention to detail really adds warmth to this work, and makes the people detailed within it come alive.

These volumes should bring great pride to both the immediate and extended family of Gerald Domingue. The knowledge that is shared in them is priceless for those that value it — for it is not only a record of the lives of great men and women who have passed on. It is a testament of a great family foundation that will continue to grow over time. It no doubt will be a treasure to descendants for many years to come.”

Glenn M. DuPont – Lincoln, Rhode Island

Awesome books! Volumes I, II and III… 26 Mar 2007 (updated 26 Mar 2007) by Nelwyn P. Babineaux

“What a thrill it was to discover this truly marvelous work of art! They are the most comphrensive genealogy books I have ever seen– complete with family stories, pictures, poetry,etc. I have been mesmerized looking through them and impressed with the volume of history preserved for generations to come. I like the overall format of the books and the relationship charts. The volumes are user-friendly, a definite plus.”
Nelwyn P. Babineaux, Carencro, Louisiana